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Full-Service & Professional Moving Service In Tioga, FL!

Ox Strong Moving started more as an act of kindness than a business idea. Zach Kielbasa, our owner, would often help with moving projects in the university. Zach was always there and ready to help whether students were moving in or out. 

Over the years, Zach saw many students hire moving companies for help. It would end up being expensive and anxiety-inducing for those needing moving services. He thought, “Why hire a stranger?” and realized no one should have to. 

With the help of hand-picked and dedicated movers, Ox Strong Moving was born. Our goal? Moving that is personal. 

Ox Strong Moving believes that ensuring both parties are comfortable and communicate efficiently is the only way to guarantee a moving project’s success. 

We started focusing on building relationships with our clients by providing moving services that are friendly and supportive. To us, your emotional well-being is just as important as your move.

And from our reviews, you can see our approach to moving has been a resounding success!

So, don’t delay. Choose the team with the ox-strong members, and let’s lift that burden for you!

Best Local Movers In Tioga

Why Work With Ox Strong Movers In Tioga, Florida?

Besides being a top-tier moving company that offers a fantastic working partnership with clients, Ox Strong Movers also provides an array of other services that guarantee your satisfaction. 

Here are just a few reasons why you should choose Ox Strong Moving: 

  • Licensed & Insured: Ox Strong Moving is a fully licensed and insured moving company. Our movers are licensed and trained to handle moving vehicles. They will make sure your belongings arrive at your destination safely. Ox Strong Moving is also completely legal and has all the necessary operating documentation. 
  • Professional Packing & Unpacking: With us, you don’t have to stress about packing or unpacking. Our professional movers will take care of it and ensure all packing is done perfectly and without delay. 
  • Furniture Protection: Nothing is worse than arriving at your destination only to see your furniture is damaged. That’s why we quilt-wrap furniture and use padding to keep all your pieces safe during the move. 
  • Valuables Item Packing: We’ll provide reliable packing and support for those extra fragile, essential items. We guarantee your prized possessions will be returned in perfect condition. 
  • Free Boxes With Local Moving: For local moving jobs, we’ll provide free high-quality boxes that are sturdy and built to handle even the most formidable moving job. 
  • Trained Professionals: Ox Strong Moving features a team of dedicated movers that have been hand-picked and extensively trained. Our teams are excellent at what they do and will use all their expert knowledge to ensure your move is handled perfectly. 
  • Experience: Ox Strong Moving has had the pleasure of handling countless moving jobs, each with unique struggles. It has taught us to take moving jobs with an open mind and always to use our creative thinking to solve problems. When you move with us, know that no problem is too big. 

We’re The Best Local Movers In Tioga, Period!

Big or small, moving has a reputation as being problematic. But with Ox Strong Moving, it doesn’t need to be. 

Contact Ox Strong Moving and enjoy the help of friendly and professional movers dedicated to making your life easier. 

Get a free quote today and tell our Ox Strong Moving representative precisely what you need. We make sure to tailor the experience to your needs and to listen to your concerns. 

Partner with Ox Strong Moving for moving services that are tailor-made and comprehensive, and enjoy the help of movers that care about you and your happiness. 

Give us a call today and experience moving that goes above and beyond anything you could imagine!

Local Moving

Whether you need help moving across town or down the road, Ox Strong Moving has got you covered. Not only will we help you move, but we’ll also provide free high-quality moving boxes!

We’ll plan the fastest and safest route and prepare a local moving plan that accounts for everything, including parking and architectural issues like stairs, elevators, and ramps. 

Residential Moving

Letting strangers in your home isn’t easy. Fortunately, you won’t have to deal with strangers when you move with Ox Strong Moving.

Ox Strong Moving will get to know you and learn about your residential moving needs. We’ll provide for both. With our experienced movers, we’ll have your residence packed up and en route to your new home without delay. 

Long Distance Moving

Ox Strong Moving is experienced in long-distance moving. When we handle your move, we’ll plan the route by choosing the fastest and safest option. 

With our licensed movers and quality trucks at the helm, you won’t have to worry about accidents or delays. 

Commercial Moving

Don’t let amateurish moving keep you out of business. Instead, choose Ox Strong Moving. We’ll plan your move to the smallest detail and organize your office moving

We’ll also pack and label everything to ensure your equipment and inventory aren’t lost on the way. And because time is money, we’ll keep your downtime to a minimum. 

Packing & Unpacking Services

Don’t let packing and unpacking stress you out. Just give us a call and let out professional movers organize, pack, and unpack your belongings. 

Please tell us what you need, point to where you want your valuables to go, and we’ll make it happen. 

Student Moving

As a student, you already have enough to worry about without adding having to move into the mix. Lucky for you, student moving is how we started in the moving industry. It’s our specialty. 

To avoid any unnecessary stress, call Ox Strong Moving and let our professional movers get you in or out of your dorm.