Finding the best local moving company in your area can be a hassle. You could spend hours calling each one, or you could say goodbye to your Saturday afternoon stress and hire us! 

Ox Strong Moving Company is the premier moving company you can trust.

We are the number one movers in Gainesville and leading in Naples and Fort Myers. The quality of our services surpasses anything you can find from all the other local moving companies in the area.

We have been delivering a fast, friendly, and professional local moving service tailored to your needs for many years.

Contact us at (352) 665-7784 in Gainesville and (239) 900-1303 in Naples or FT. Myers. You can also get your free quote here.

Full-Service Local Moving Company Near You

Our founder, Zach Kielbasa, started the company while studying at the University of Florida. 

His goal was to help his friends move every semester. He wanted to save students from extortion, damages and delays common when working with strangers and out-of-state movers.

Today, Ox Strong has grown into a full-service moving company serving students, residents, and businesses in the area. We pride ourselves on our customer service, which is evident in our excellent customer reviews.


You’ve never packed so much into such a small space. Our packing experts will handle all of your belongings with care because we know what it means to you. We’ll wrap your furniture, pack up your kitchen, and ensure everything is ready for the move.


When you’re unpacking at your new home, you don’t want to spend hours doing it. That’s why our expert unpacking crew will be there to help you get settled into your new place. They’ll unpack everything from the boxes and get them in their proper places, so they can start enjoying their new home right away.

Loading And Unloading

We know how important it is to get your belongings loaded onto the truck as soon as possible, so we work efficiently and quickly to get everything loaded on time! You don’t want to waste time waiting for us to finish loading up all of your things! When we get to your destination, we will do the unloading ourselves.

We are ready to make your move as easy as possible, so you can focus on other things like getting settled into your new home or office space.

Contact us to schedule an appointment with us today!

Small Local Moves, Large Moves, Apartments, Short-Distance Moves, We Can Move It All!

We are one of the best local moving companies in the area, which means that we know the area like the back of our hands.

Our team has years of experience in moving and packing items locally. We are happy to provide you with the best service possible.

We handle small local moves quickly, so if you want to move your stuff within the same city or even just across town, feel free to call us. We’ll be more than happy to help you out.

We do everything so that you can focus on other things. We have equipment and vehicles capable of handling any local or long-distance move. So, no matter how much stuff you have or how far away it needs to go, we have what it takes to get it there safely and securely.

loading and unloading

Local Movers: Saving You Time, Money, And Stress!

All the stress of moving—it’s enough to make you want to stay put for good. But if you’re anything like us, you know that every new chapter comes with its challenges and opportunities. 

And if there’s one thing we know about life, it’s that changes can be good for helping us grow and evolve as people. That’s why we’re here: to make your next move more manageable than ever before!

Our local movers are ready to take on any move you need them to, whether it’s just a few blocks away or across the country. We can promise you affordable prices and excellent customer service to make your move easy and stress-free. 

Our teams have worked together for years. We have built an excellent rapport and implicitly trust each other. You can expect efficiency and collaboration that save you time and money.

We know exactly what needs to be done and how best to do it. That’s why you don’t have to worry about anything except enjoying your new home when everything’s done.

Why Choose Us? The Best Local Movers In The Area!

With so many local movers available, you may wonder which one is the best. We’re here to tell you that we are the ones for you. Here’s why we’re the best local moving company near me:

When you choose us, you can rest assured that your belongings will be safe. We are fully licensed and insured for your protection.

Thus, in case of accidents, you can rest assured that we will cover all damages and losses.

Our team members have undergone extensive training. We use blankets, straps, and other protective materials to keep your items safe from damage during the process.

At Ox Strong Moving, we believe every customer deserves excellent service at an affordable price. We offer several different packages to accommodate any budget or schedule needs.

Whether you need local or long-distance movers to move across town or the country, we have the right plan.