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Referral Program

A Referral Program for All

When some University of Florida students got together in 2019 to start Ox Strong Moving, we began partnering with the community to make moving in Gainesville better for all. Soon after, we started a realtor only referral program and it has been wildly successful. After repeated requests from businesses and satisfied customers, we decided to expand the program. Beginning in 2023, for the first time, we opened the program up to the public to get more people involved in giving discounts and receiving cash for every referral. Help a friend, help a local small business, and help yourself. Who doesn’t love a win-win-win?!

At this time, it is exclusively for our Gainesville Community. Join our Referral Program today and begin receiving money simply for having your name mentioned, or send a personalized referral to a friend so they can receive their discounted move.

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Our mission is to deliver a dependable 5-star experience to our community and help fans of Ox Strong Moving share their excitement and experiences with others. As a raving fan, you can earn rewards when your friends and family use your referral link/code to move with Ox Strong Moving and ensure they are in trusted hands.

At this time, both local and long-distance moves are eligible for the Referral Program. To earn referral rewards, Ox Strong Moving orders must be placed with your unique referral link/code. Rewards are granted within 30 days after the move is completed (not booked). Note that referrals cannot be added after an order is placed.

Friends and family who book with your referral link/code can earn 5% off both local and long distance moves, while also receiving our 5-star service and guaranteed successful move. You will earn $50 for each local move referral and $100 for each long distance move referral.

Reward Classes

Silver / 1-10 referrals
• $50 for every local move.
• $100 for every long distance move referral.
• Your friend receives 5% off.

Gold / 11-25 referrals
• $65 for every local move.
• $125 for every long distance move referral.
• Your friend receives 5% off.

Platinum / 26+ referrals
• $75 for every local move.
• $150 for every long distance move referral.
• Your friend receives 5% off.
• $200 BONUS cash once reach the 26th referral.
• A coupon for up to $750 off of a move.

How quick will I receive rewards?

Expect a very transparent/communicative process for receiving your rewards. We have staff dedicated to maintaining our Referral Program so you can expect immediate acknowledgment and payment.

Do I have to be a previous customer of Ox Strong Moving to be a referrer?

No, every member in our community IS eligible to join our Referral Program. We believe everyone should get the opportunity to send their friends/family to a great company while also reaping rewards. Who doesn’t love a win-win?!

What constitutes a long distance move?

At Ox Strong Moving we classify any move 150+ miles away a long-distance move.

I am a realtor. How does this work for me?

Realtors have additional perks due to high volumes of referrals. Sign up with the link above and be sure to mark your business/affiliation with your realtor status. We will contact you with details. As always, feel free to call us or email us at for more information!